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This sexy clip of a young amateur teen couple made me laugh.

It's about a minute long and is from a hidden camera, possibly a clock cam or some other type of cam disguised as an everyday object. The girl obviously has no clue she's being taped, but I bet the guy is in on it. Although it's possible neither are aware they're being filmed and a third party voyeur is the culprit.

Anyway, the girl undresses down to her socks (she's got a decent body and some perky tits) and the guy starts fingering her while she just lies there showing little sign of arousal. After about 30 seconds of this he starts to take his clothes off to get on with the fucking - who said romance is dead!



Thank goodness for the missing segement of the blinds you can clearly see in the first screen shot, otherwise this brilliant piece of hidden sex wouldn't have been taped.

It's a 15 minute sex tape of an attractive amateur couple probably in their twenties. They're casually watching TV before they start getting horny and a quick kiss becomes a full on snog and before you know it they're naked and there's pussy eating, blowjobs and explicit fucking, interspersed with good quality shots of her breasts and cunt. She has decent legs and butt too. The naughty sex spy hiding in their back yard probably waited for hours over a number of days and weeks to get something like this, but the end result was well worth it.

See this very hot and very real voyeur vid in the Free Archive now.



This is a cool series of people caught screwing on closed circuit cameras, mostly at work. They aren't really spy cams because employees should know they're there, but some people are just so dumb! Each clip is a good 5 minutes long with an explanation of each circumstance, including a waitress and a cook at a restaurant who sneak out the back for a quickie, and co-workers in a store who think just because it's after hours and closed, that nobody will be able to peep at them fucking in the pet food aisle. Nobody except the security guard in his booth that is! There's a couple of cool female masturbation clips too.

The nudity is a bit fuzzy because obviously the quality isn't great on these devices, but it's all genuine vouyer stuff. All of these videos and more are available in our Free Archive - check out the screen grabs below.


These 3 home movies were filmed from afar at a public nude beach in a fairly secluded spot. So after undressing and revealing their boobs, pussy and ass, the couples thought they were pretty much hidden and its funny to see them check every so often, sneakily looking all around them confident nobody's watching! However, an intrepid voyer has his spycam out and gets some hot sucking and fucking action on tape for us.

This and tons more is well worth watching in our Free Archive.


The following clips of amateurs caught having a fuck by sneaky voyuers can all be found in the Free Archive. Some are unaware couples being spied on by a roommate, landlord, neighbour etc while they fuck, and in others the boyfriend/husband is the one doing the filming via a hidden cam to capture his girlfriend/wife as they do the wild thing. There are some in public (one's a horny couple in a car!) and some in the privacy of people's homes (or at least, they think it's private!)



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