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This is quality spying in a swimming pool changing room giving us a great view of a woman's bare butt and hairy pussy.

The voyeur has sensibly chosen stalls with a gap at the bottom and hidden his camera in a bag. Then he casually places his bag under the gap on his side so tha cam shoots up into the stall next door. The result is some great footage of a cute young lady taking off her panties allowing us a graphic look at her hairy beaver.

She then towels her legs dry but as she's bending down she spots the camera! A naughty spy's worst nightmare! Her reaction is very interesting, I kinda feel sorry for her. I wonder what happened next? Hopefully the voyeur got the fuck out of there fast!



This series must have been taken by a female vouyer as it's filmed in the ladies changing area of some swimming baths from a cam hidden inside a gym bag. Judging from the accents of the chatter this sounds like Russia or some other eastern European nation, so well done and thanks to our Soviet cousins for your excellent spying techniques!

There are clips of many different women. And because it's real life some are young, some are old, some are fat, some are thin. In other words it's real women, not staged crap of unlikely looking models. There is 30 minutes of footage in this video which is available in our Free Archive. Below are just some of the babes who fell prey to this master KGB voyer!


These clips were taken through a small hole in the wall of a dressing cabin. The walls seem to be made of concrete and are in bad shape with lots of loose plastering so the occupants wouldn't think a hole unusual given the derelict state of the changing rooms. They also wouldn't even notice the hole as it would be pitch black on the voyeur's side anyway. So a decent set up and even though not all of the victims are babes, this is worth watching in our Free Archive.


This series of spy vids featuring ladies trying on bikinis immediately got me thinking they were staged. Why? Because a) it's hard to hide a spy camera in a small dressing room where shoppers are trying on clothes; b) the picture quality is too sharp for a spycam; c) the 'victims' are ridiculously hot babes who just don't look normal enough. Watching them you get the feeling they're all models and quite aware they're being watched.

So why have I included them here? Firstly, to show an example of voyeurism that's most probably been 'set up' so it can be contrasted with the other genuine stuff on this site. And secondly, the models are so fucking hot with amazing tits, pussy and ass that it's worth seeing them nude whether they know we're watching or not! See it all in the Free Archive.



This made me laugh - it's a three minute segment from a foreign prank show similar to something like 'Candid Camera'. The set up is some women go into a shop changing room and while they're half naked trying on clothes the curtain is yanked all the way up exposing their tits and ass to everyone! If this happened in the States or Britain the production company would be sued before you could say 'sexual abuse' but it seems fine in this particular country (I think it's Russia).

Cue lots of lovely ladies screaming and trying to cover their nakedness while simultaneously attempting to pull down the curtain (which has been rigged to not come down again) and finally an actor in on the joke reveals the 'hilarious' skit to the victim and everyone smiles and laughs. I reckon they did this to hundreds of girls and only a few allowed them to use the shots, and those would be the hot babes who probably don't mind if their boobs are on TV for a little 'compensation' from the programme makers.

So not bona fide voyeurism, but worth checking out in the Free Archive. I wish this happened in stores where I shop...



The following selection of dressing room clips can all be found in the Free Archive. All the mpgs are amateur stuff found and collected by me through many years of trawling the web and voyuer sites - and now you can watch the lot! There are movies of girls in store changing rooms trying on bras, bikinis, shirts and panties, all in various states of undress and all featuring nudity. There's also a few in gym locker rooms, beach cabins and teen girls on tanning beds.




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