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This short but sweet clip is of three drunk girls dancing in a nightclub while on vacation in Greece. It's a clip from a show called 'Greece Uncovered' which shows all the exploits drunk holidaymakers (mostly British) get up to.

Anyway, this hot lady is strutting her stuff when her girlfriend sneaks up behind her and yanks down her top, revealing her lovely breasts for all to see.

Now this isn't strictly voyeuristic because the cameras aren't hidden or spying on the girls, but it's nakedness we're not meant to see that's the key, so because the girl didn't consent to having her boobs out it's a bit naughty - and we like naughty on this site!

So this page is full of similar genuine videos where unsuspecting women are forced to strip or get nude. Some are lighthearted like this one, and in some the girls get pretty upset and humiliated.



It's tricky to see from these screenshots as the action happens so fast, but this real clip is from a concert where a hot blonde decides to go body surfing. As soon as she's being passed from person to person, several naughty hands reach up and start to pull at her bikini top, yanking it down and exposing her tits. One or two hands even have a sneaky grope as she starts screaming and shouting to be put down again. She eventually lands on the ground clutching her dislodged bikini top to her chest, trying to cover what's left of her modesty, and starts to laugh. So thankfully she wasn't too traumatised.

All of this was captured by a voyeur in the crowd with a cam, and there are lots more clips from gigs and concerts where crowds get a bit naughty and molest and fondle ladies. Check them all out in our Free Archive.


In this amateur video a group of teen girls are being interviewed at the beach (maybe on Spring Break?) when a brave guy runs up and pulls down the blonde chick's bikini top, exposing her boob on camera! Very funny, but very naughty and the girls were shocked and upset afterwards - they didn't see the funny side, and I doubt the victim would be pleased to know the clip is on Naughty Peeping now for the whole world to see! Watch it in our Free Archive.



All of these videos of unsuspecting females being stripped and forced to get their breasts and ass out can be found in the Free Archive. There are girls whose skirt and panties are ripped off to show their pussy and butt, and embarrassed ladies whose friends have just yanked down their bra exposing their nipples. Basically I spy lots of sexy young nude babes who didn't mean to be - excellent!





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