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This is a short but cool clip taken probably by a husband or boyfriend of a woman sleeping nude.

She is covered by a sheet but her breasts are exposed and the naughty voyeur also zooms in between her legs. This is maybe fine if it's kept for his personal use, but to then upload it onto the web for the entire world to see is a little bit naughty - but we're not complaining!

Of course there's always the possibility it's not his wife/girlfriend. Maybe it's his room mate or his friend's gal and he snuck into her room the morning after she'd had too much to drink and filmed her while she's passed out - now that would be even naughtier!



Now this is an incredible clip featuring a young Asian lady passed out at a bus stop (check out the screenshots below). At first I thought she was asleep, but considering she doesn't wake up until the very end and she's wearing a skimpy outfit to go clubbing in, it's more likely that she's been for a night out, stayed out all night, got drunk and passed out in the early hours waiting for the first bus home.

So it looks like early morning when this guy with his video camera finds her. He then proceeds to slowly and carefully undress her, lifting up her skirt to reveal turqoise panties. All the while she remains slumped unconscious, oblivious to what he's doing to her. Then he bizarrely produces a pair of scissors and starts to cut her dress, first at the bottom, then at the top to show her matching turqoise bra until her dress has been completely cut open and lies uselessly at her sides, leaving her passed out in just her underwear.

Then he carefully starts cutting at her bra to try and free her tits, eventually succeeding in ruining her bra and exposing her tiny pert tits complete with small dark nipples. He then goes to work on her panties and cuts them right off too so we can see her hairy pussy.

Finally he gets even more daring and turns from naughty voyeur to naughty pervert as he gropes her bare breasts and has a fondle of her hairy muff. At this point she finally wakes up as he goes for a boob feel once more and she legs it, completely scared and shocked, while the perpetrator also runs too, probably a bit scared himself - how his heart must've been pounding! He finally turns the camera on her once he's gotten far enough away and we see her run off carrying her handbag, trying to hold her dress around her abused body and failing as her ass hangs out for all to see. Bet that sobered her up!

My first reaction after watching this was that it could very well be staged, but now I'm not so sure. They do some funny things in Japan and let's face it, a lot of the guys there are real pervs who don't have the same respect for women we Westerners do. So it's conceivable a guy would be wondering about with his camera and scissors looking for a passed out teen girl to take advantage of and molest. Plus the reactions of both parties when she wakes up is also very convincing.

So I guess you'll have to head on over to the Free Archive where this clip is available (to download and keep or just watch) and make up your own mind. Either way, it sure is erotic for us naughty peepers!


In this clip a man enters the bedroom of a Japanese lady and takes the duvet off her before lifting up her nightshirt and pulling down her knickers to leave her totally nude. Then he fondles and gropes her boobs. The fact that she doesn't wake up leads me to believe she may have been drugged or maybe had just had way too much to drink and this guy was taking advantage and molesting her. You can see this clip in our Free Archive.



This lengthy movie shows a Chinese woman filmed by her husband after she passes out from too much drink. He is obviously horny because he proceeds to undress her slowly, lifting up her bra to play with her tits, before removing her skirt and underwear to leave her totally naked.

Then he positions his camera at the foot of the bed and videos himself putting his fingers inside her before fucking her with his pretty small dick. And all the while she remains totally unconscious and unaware. Watch it now in the Free Archive.


There are lots more clips of naked drunk, sleeping and unconscious women in the Free Archive. Some are filmed by husbands and boyfriends who like to spy on their ladies when they are asleep or passed out. A lot get even more daring and play with their pussies and breasts, taking naughty peeping one step further!




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