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Sharking is a naughty activity that involves two men and one victim (usually a pretty girl). One guy films with a hidden camera while the other sneaks up behind an unsuspecting girl and lifts her skirt up, revealing her panties to everyone, before running off.

An alternative practise is to target girls with strapless or loose tops who obviously aren't wearing bras and to pull their tops down, thus exposing their breasts in public. This can be quite embarrassing and the girls are often humiliated, as is the case with the girl in this clip who has to make her way home topless trying to cover her tits after a shark rips her top fully off and runs off with it!



Taking their cue from Japan, this series features dozens of Sharkings on some quite beautiful Eastern European girls. The quality is excellent, much better than most of the Asian Sharking films, and the victims are all stunning. This was filmed in the Czech Republic, which has a reputation for producing some of the finest looking women anywhere in Europe.

They mostly feature top Sharking so there's plenty of boobs to see, but there's also some skirt ones so we get to see some lovely European ass and even some pussy too!

Watch this series and all our sharking movies in the Free Archive right now.



Girls in bikinis provide the best opportunity for the Shark to expose the most tits, pussy and ass without any bras or panties to deal with. In this series the Shark preys on lone girls who are sitting or walking away from the main beach where he can pick them off and rip off their clothes. In one clip he's feeling particularly brave and attempts a sharking manouevre in the sea! See it all in our Free Archive.


There are hundreds of sharking movies in the Free Archive. Victims include schoolgirls on their way home who have their school skirts lifted to reveal their knickers, shoppers who have their tits exposed when the sharks tug their dresses down, and many, many more

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