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This is a great example of real genuine voyeurism on a beautiful target.

Our intrepid hero seems to be unsteadily balanced up a tree or something as he has to get high enough to shoot through the clear glass at the top of the bathroom window, as the rest of the glass is frosted and not see through. Which is probably why this sexy teen thinks she is safe from prying eyes and only hung a flimsy net curtain (which is easy for the lens to penetrate thankfully).

I reckon he's in her back garden early in the morning before it gets light, which is very risky but brings great rewards if you get it right - which he certainly does. What a great pair of perky tits!


This is a terrific series of 12 long videos featuring a decent looking young lady with enormous breasts. The voyeur in question is a distant neighbor who is lucky enough to have a clear sight into her bedroom from a long way away. The girl thinks because she is so far from the nearest neighbour it's sometimes safe to leave her blinds open, but she hasn't reckoned on how powerful zooms are nowadays!

There are awesome scenes of her changing, reading in bed topless and making out with her boyfriend. Check out the screen shots below. All of these clips are available in our Free Archive.


In my opinion there's nothing sexier than watching a girl play with herself. Except watching a girl play with herself who doesn't KNOW you're watching her! Which is the subject of this series of clips.

All of these are actual amateurs who've been spied upon and secretly filmed through a window as they masturbate. Some are probably wives and girlfriends, while others would be roommates, friends and neighbors. One brave dude even ventured out onto his fire escape to video a neighbor as she diddled her clit. Anyway, all of these clips and more are available to see in our Free Archive.



This lucky spy stumbled across every voyeur's dream. He noticed that the drapes in a ground floor hotel room that backs onto some bushes don't close properly, and that if he hid in these bushes he'd have clear views into the room to spy on the guests. Which is what he did!

So I've collected all of his excellent work of the various female guests he filmed - some getting changed, some fucking, some masturbating, some lying in bed nude - and they're in my Free Archive. Just a few grabs of the many, many clips in this fantastic hotel series are below...



This short-haired slim girl didn't even bother with curtains on her bedroom window because her room backed directly onto a wall of the derelict house next door. She hadn't figured that there would be a small hole in that old wall and someone could film through it - which is what happened! This is real amateur footage peeking at a normal girl in the north of England.

So a nice series of clips showing her going about her (mostly naked) business in her room was created. Here are a few screenshots showing what can be seen in the 16 clips of her in the Free Archive.


Look at this selection of window spying clips which can all be found in the Free Archive. All videos are real amateur stuff found and collected by me through many years of trawling the web and various voyeur sites - and now you can watch the lot! There are movies of girls undressing, showering, bathing, having sex, walking around their apartments naked and even peeing - all peeped on through their windows.






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